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Client Centred Learning

GREEN DRIVER TRAINING™ advocates client centred learning: an approach to learning that focuses on how the learner likes to learn.

We believe there is more to teaching than transferring knowledge. The most important aspect to our business is that we create a professional, enjoyable and fun environment from which to thrive. An over critical learning environment is just as damaging as one that offers no structure, planning nor objective.

Whilst some people like to take their time to reflect before moving on and enjoy practising a lesson subject a number of times - others thrive under pressure and prefer to move on to the next subject quickly - therefore are suited to more intensive training. In the end the result is the same - a safe, confident driver for life, but the learning journey may be very different. Your style of journey is up to you.

At each stage of the learning process, you will be asked for your input and how you feel you are doing. Please keep us updated if you are not happy with your training and together, we can reach some common ground and adapt the lessons to how you prefer to learn. For example, if you feel you are not getting enough out of your lessons, it may be you prefer a more intensive style or indeed you may want to move onto another subject and return at a later date to the current one. Equally, you may feel you would like to re-cap on previous lessons a few more times. Remember - once you get to test standard - nobody knows better than yourself and your instructor where your strengths and weaknesses lie. (This is usually highlighted after completing one or several mock tests before you go on to take your practical test.) So be honest with yourself.